Episode 7 – Otto Maier – ENGLISH

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52 pages
Embarking on a chilling journey, the brilliant scientist Otto Maier must try to save his friend Oskar Gross. Maier realizes that the only way to do that, is to plunge headlong into the clandestine world of an underground banking elite, hidden history, and the most powerful political machinations … His struggle is matched only by his passion for Truth.


What is historical or “suprahistorical” passes little by little into history. But legends do not concentrate on recounting recent events as a historian would. To put this into perspective, we have to speak of fantastical deformation and the poetic. But this “poetry” is perhaps more true than modern historic descriptions, because legend is the veritable soul of a people which explains the decisive forces that have determined its past. Its role is to conjure images and not to describe absolute events but the fateful pressures that produced them.”  –  Karl Robert Eduard von Hartmann