Otto Maier – The Maier files – White Mug, 11oz

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Our ceramic mug is a tribute to Otto Maier, the German scientist who revealed the connections between little-known ideas in physics and ancient alchemy, even unlocking the idea of time travel. It is an elegant piece of art that will take you on a journey into the depths of visionary genius.

Otto Maier was one-of-a-kind. A visionary thinker who dared to break the mold, he brought together the mysteries of alchemy with the complexities of physics, unraveling the secrets of science and magic, blurring the lines between reality and imagination.

This ceramic mug celebrates his legacy and pays homage to his intellectual prowess. It is delicately crafted with the utmost care, striking the perfect balance between style and durability. Made from high-quality ceramic, it promises to keep your favorite beverage hot or cold for longer.

With its stunning portrait of Otto Maier, this mug serves as a daily reminder of his contributions to the world of science. His image captures the essence of his inquisitive mind and his relentless pursuit of knowledge. The design integrates essential elements, such as ancient symbols, mystical circles, and alchemical illustrations, which further add to the mug’s charm.

This ceramic mug is the perfect addition to your morning coffee routine, providing a unique experience with every sip. It is an excellent gift for history buffs, scientists, or anyone who appreciates the fusion of science and art. Order yours today and take a sip out of visionary genius with every sip.



Height, cm9.70
Diameter, cm8.10

Celebrate the genius of Otto Maier with our stunning ceramic mug. Featuring the portrait of the German scientist who made waves by revealing the connections between the esoteric principles of ancient alchemy and modern physics, this mug is a true testament to his legacy. With a design that captures the fusion of science and magic, the mug is perfect for fans of both fields. The images of time travel on the mug highlight Maier’s out-of-the-box thinking and his bold imaginative genius. Made from high-quality ceramic, the mug is both stylish and durable. Suitable for both hot and cold drinks, it’s ideal for a morning coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Order your Otto Maier mug today and start enjoying your favorite beverage while admiring the legacy of a true visionary!

.: Material: glossy white ceramic
.: One size: 11 oz (0.33 l)
.: C-shaped handle

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