Episode 3 Cargo S-44 ENGLISH

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Find out what happened to Lena Mueller after she was brutally kidnapped. Cargo S-44, episode 3, is the new stunning follow-up to the Prequel and episode 2, Awakening, of the Maier Files series. The story continues with the first mission of division Parzival as it takes an unexpected turn. The path of the squad of soldiers crosses a secret cargo train, S-44. An event that will lead to a frantic hunt …

 Who can be trusted in a world that’s been fueled by corruption and greed? A dangerous adventure into veiled histories! Lena & Dieter will need to find their way through a maze of machinations where nothing is what it seems. A hidden history that seems to drag the couple towards a single, inconceivable truth and a long-lost world of esoteric wisdom. Prepare for action and adventure. Are you ready … ?