Triskelion – White Mug, 11oz

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Introducing the Pagan Triskelion Mug – a powerful and inspiring depiction of the ancient triskelion or triskeles symbol surrounded by runes. This is a mug for those seeking to tap into the power and energy of pagan traditions and draw strength and inspiration from the symbols of the past.

The Pagan Triskelion Mug is crafted from the highest quality ceramic material, ensuring it is both sturdy and durable. The artwork is printed in high definition, providing an incredibly detailed and lifelike portrayal of the triskelion and surrounding runes.

The triskelion is an ancient pagan symbol with roots in Celtic and Norse mythology. It is a powerful symbol, representing the cycles of life, growth, and change. The three spirals of the triskelion symbolize many things, including the three realms of existence (mind, body, and spirit), the three stages of life (birth, growth, and death), and the three elements of the natural world (earth, air, and water).

The surrounding runes add an additional layer of symbolism and meaning to the mug. Runes are an ancient alphabet used in many pagan traditions, and each rune has a unique meaning and symbolism. The combination of the triskelion and runes creates a powerful and inspiring work of art that will resonate with anyone seeking to connect with pagan power and energy.

But the Pagan Triskelion Mug is not just a work of art – it is also a practical and functional mug designed for everyday use. The large size and comfortable handle make it the perfect mug for enjoying your favorite hot beverages, while the high-quality ceramic material ensures it is microwave and dishwasher safe.

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Height, cm9.70
Diameter, cm8.10

But the benefits of the triskelion and surrounding runes extend beyond the aesthetic value of the mug. Many people believe that connecting with ancient symbols and traditions can have a positive impact on their lives. The triskelion is said to promote balance and harmony in all aspects of life, while the runes offer guidance, insight, and protection.

By using the Pagan Triskelion Mug in your daily life, you are tapping into the power and energy of ancient pagan traditions and connecting with something greater than yourself. You may find a sense of clarity, inner peace, and inspiration that will guide you on your journey through life.

In conclusion, the Pagan Triskelion Mug is more than just a mug – it is a work of art, a practical and functional piece of drinkware, and a powerful symbol of ancient pagan tradition. Get yours today and bring the energy and power of the triskelion and runes into your daily life.

.: Material: glossy white ceramic
.: One size: 11 oz (0.33 l)
.: C-shaped handle

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